Adelaide is an Australian Artisan in Miniature who works mainly 1:12 scale (dolls house scale).  She lives on the east coast of Australia in Sydney, New South Wales.  

When she is unable to source miniatures for  her workshops she delivers regularly, she creates them from scratch !  Her special interest is laser cut miniatures in various mediums. She enjoys the end to end process  -  from design to laser cutting on her laser cutting machine.  

Inspiration comes from many aspects of Adelaide's life, from the people she meets day to day to the websites she visits in search of new miniature project ideas.

In her spare time she likes to share her enthusiasm and expertise tutoring workshops on her miniature creations. Adelaide says there are many pluses in being involved in the hobby of dolls house miniatures. It keeps you fit walking around miniature shows, your mind active and hands busy but beware, it may take up all your spare time, become addictive and keep you purse empty.  Downsizing life size items to 1:12 scale and smaller is an enjoyable challenge.

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