Making Miniatures is a passion

Making dolls house miniatures in scale of 1:12 has provided the platform for Adelaide to showcase her artistic creative side which has led her to the opportunity of going to miniature events in Australia and overseas.  The joy of sharing and making dolls house miniatures with like minded people and seeing their miniature collections has been a wonderful experience and one she hopes to continue for a long time

Adelaide's Favourite Completed Projects !

Vege-Fruit Barrow

filled to the brill with assorted vegetables and fruit

Flower Barrow

with the pick of the bunch


wallet belts and scarves

Courtyard Garden

flowers and plants abound

"it is the little things that matter."

– Adelaide Cann

Trunk Workshop

laser cut Vintage Trunk with toys and bride doll in scale of 1:12 (dolls house scale)

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