Adelaide's Miniatures

About Adelaide

Adelaide Cann is an Australian Artisan in Miniature who works mainly 1:12 scale (dolls house scale).  She lives on the east coast of Australia in Sydney, New South Wales.  

When she is unable to source miniatures for her workshops she delivers regularly, she creates them from scratch !  Her special interest is laser cut miniatures in various mediums. She enjoys the end to end process from design to laser cutting on her laser cutter machine.  The computer is integral, enabling Adelaide to create and replicate projects for Workshops and Kits plus keeps her connected with all her mini-friends around the world.  

Inspiration comes from many aspects of Adelaide's life, from the people she meets day to day to the websites she visits in search of new miniature project ideas.

In her spare time she likes to share her enthusiasm and expertise tutoring workshops on her miniature creations. Adelaide says there are many pluses in being involved in the hobby of  dolls house miniatures.  It keeps you fit walking around miniature shows, your mind active and hands busy but beware, it may take up all your spare time, become addictive and keep you purse empty.

Downsizing life size items to 1:12 scale and smaller is an enjoyable challenge and some of her Australiana laser cut miniatures are sure to be collectors items in the future

See Adelaide's Miniatures at  the 29th Sydney Miniatures and Dolls' House Fair in May 2018

Sat  5th May 2018      10:30am to 4:30pm
Sun 6th May 2018      10:30am to 4:30pm

Netball Centre - Olympic Boulevard
Sydney Olympic Park     SYDNEY   NSW  

Photo Album of Adelaide's Miniatures

Adelaide's signature miniature room is The Blue Room created in May 2005.  It was designed to showcase a collection of blue china and glassware. It is in scale of 1:12.  In May 2014 she created another blue themed scene for displaying at the Sydney Miniatures Fair. 

Adelaide's craft workroom has some wonderful room boxes mostly of her own design, all superbly finished and decorated.  The innovative lighting systems make the room boxes independent of the power point, so they can be illuminated wherever they are. 

Miniatures has provided the platform for Adelaide to showcase her artistic creative side which has led her to the opportunity of going to miniature events in Australia and overseas.  The joy of sharing and making dolls house miniatures with like minded people and seeing their miniature collections has been a wonderful experience and one she hopes to continue for a long time.

Highlight of the Miniatures Journey thus far

Adelaide won a Scholarship to attend the prestigious International Guild of Miniature Artisans (IGMA) Guild School in June 2013.  Guild School is held in Maine on the east coast of USA which halfway around the world from Sydney, Australia.  She attended two workshops that added to her miniature making skill set.  A wood working workshop: New England Dressing Table with Pete and Pam Boorum and an upholstery workshop:  English Victorian Sofa with Nancy Summers.  Both in scale of 1:12.

It was wonderful trip and Adelaide was able to include  a visit to the Molly Cromwell Show in Sturbridge Massachusetts and  New York to see the sights. 

Promoting Miniatures

Adelaide is a member of various miniature associations in Australia and overseas.  She volunteers her time and miniature creations to promote the miniatures hobby. Organisations she is a member of: 


New South Wales - NSW
AMEA Australian Miniature Enthusiasts Association     

Since joining AMEA in 2005 she has held Executive Committee positions of President, Vice President and Secretary.  Other roles included Webmaster (Dec 2007 to Mar 2015) and  Workshop Organiser (Jan 2008 to Dec 2015).  She has organised various workshop retreats over the years and was Organiser/Convenor  for the AMEA 2009 Convention held in Goulburn NSW.

Victoria - VIC
VAME Victorian Miniature Enthusiasts Association

NZAME New Zealand Association Miniature Enthusiasts

IGMA   International Guild of Miniature Artisans

NAME   National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts

Global - Online
AIM Artisans in Miniature